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Samosa Machinery

ANKO's SRP Series are Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machines that are capable of producing various thin pastry sheets, such as samosa pastry, spring roll pastry and even crepes. The samosa making machines only require loading initial premixed batter in the hoppers/tanks, then it will automatically distribute batter evenly onto the conveyer belt to bake. After the samosa pastry is cooked, it will then be cut into uniformed pieces, stacked up into piles with the programmed number of sheets, and ready for packing, freezing and/or distribution. The thickness of the pastries is at adjustable range from 0.4-0.8mm, and the maximum width is up to 420 mm, but special sizes can be customized.

The samosa machine SRP Series come in different models, starting from SRP-20, to SRP-45 and SRP-90, featuring efficiency and productivity from 3,600 pcs of samosa pastry per hour up to 16,200 pcs/hr.

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About Samosa

Samosa usually refers to a type of baked or deep-fried pastry that's stuffed with savory fillings and made into triangular or a unique tetrahedral shape, can be served as a main course, snack or street food. It's widely consumed in India, many parts of South East Asia, the Middle East, many countries in the Mediterranean and parts of Africa. To make samosas, there are recipes that use filo/phyllo pastry or pressed out dough made with flour, ghee water and seasonings; and the fillings can range from potatoes, onions, lentils, and ground meats to noodles and cheeses.

Cheese samosas can be made with a mix of 3 or 4 different types of cheeses, most popular choices would be cheddar, mozzarella, feta or cream cheese; otherwise, vegetables such as spinach, corn or fresh herbs may also be used in the vegetarian recipes for more texture and unique flavors. However, for meat lovers, minced chicken, beef or lamb may also be good additional protein to add to the cheese samosas.

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ANKO Samosa Food Machine List
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Samosa - Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine

Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine

Samosa machinery

The ACD-800 Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine is a compact, easy-to-use, and high capacity cutting machine. It can automatically dice, julienne, slice, and chop leaf, stem, and root vegetables, such as green scallion, celery, chili, cabbage, carrot, potato, onion, cucumber, and ginger into required size, even ham ...

Samosa - High Speed Dicing Machine
AD-1000 Series

High Speed Dicing Machine

Samosa machinery

The AD-1000 Series is designed to dice root vegetables, such as carrot, potato, sweet potato, etc. The size of dices can be adjusted. It can not only save labor costs, but also enhance efficiency.

Samosa - Conveyor Fryer
AF-589 Series

Conveyor Fryer

Samosa machinery

The AF-589 Series is equipped with a double-layered conveyor to deliver products in between, which enables them to be completely submerged in oil. Stirring or flipping is not needed. The Conveyor Fryer features digital temperature controller and thermal cutout to maintain stable temperature without compromising safety.

Samosa - Seasoning Mixer
ARM Series

Seasoning Mixer

Samosa machinery

How to quickly season a lot of ingredients well? Filling, sausage meat, sticky rice mixing or seasoning, the simple but time- and labor-consuming work bothers many food manufacturers. In order to solve the problem, simply by putting all ingredients into the hopper, the Seasoning Mixer can fully mix powdered, liquid, so...

Samosa - Gas Steamer
AS Series

Gas Steamer

Samosa machinery

The Gas Steamer can heat up to the boiling point within 8-10 minutes and generate a large amount of steam spreading evenly over the entire cabinet. Also, there is an auto water refilling device to save human resources.

Samosa - Stir Fryer

Stir Fryer

Samosa machinery

The BFK-10 Stir Fryer is suitable for cooking fried rice, fried noodle, dried meat cracker, dried meat floss, jerky, fried ground meat, ham, dried shredded squid, steak, coffee, peanut, roselle, watermelon seed, crystalized granule, powder, bean, sugar coating, tea leaf, sesame, dried tofu, and sticky rice.The Stir Fry...

Samosa - Dough Mixer
ML Series

Dough Mixer

Samosa machinery

The Dough Mixer is your best choice to mix dough. After putting ingredients into the mixing bowl, the mixer mixes them at a required speed. Dough hook, whisk, and flat beater are included to enable you to utilize them based on different consistencies of dough.

Samosa - Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter

Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter

Samosa machinery

The NS-450 Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter can filter out lumps by simply putting powdered ingredients into the hopper to facilitate the following process. With a vibration system, the machine can quickly sieve 200-kilogram powdered ingredients per hour.

Samosa - Multiple Function Stir Fryer
SF Series

Multiple Function Stir Fryer

Samosa machinery

The Multiple Function Stir Fryer features round inner cooking barrel, electronic ignition, and even heat distribution allowing food to be continuously stir-fried. It can stir-fry rice, noodles, rice noodles, and meat as well as dry and bake food. Various capacities of stir fryers, such as 1 L, 2 L, even 120 L, are prov...

Samosa - Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine
SRP Series

Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine

Samosa machinery

SRP Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine is a food processing machine for automatically producing spring roll pastry, samosa pastry, egg roll pastry, and even crepe. Simply prepare batter and the SRP Series will automatically finish the rest of steps, including baking, cutting, counting, and stacking. ...

Samosa - Semi-Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Production Line
SRPF Series

Semi-Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Production Line

Samosa machinery

The Semi-Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Production Line consists of a pastry making machine, a filling depositor, and a conveyor with working table for manual wrapping. The pastry making machine can produce spring roll pastry, samosa pastry, egg roll pastry, and even crepe, and the filling depositor can work well wit...

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