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Paratha Machinery

Paratha is a type of flatbread that originated in South Asia; the name is an amalgamation of “parat” and “atta” which literally means layers of cooked dough. The paratha dough usually is made with flour, water, salt, ghee (purified butter) and/or other cooking oils; and by brushing and folding in ghee or oil into the dough results the multiple layers in the flatbread. Parathas may be made into different shapes and often enjoyed with butter, chutney or various curries; it can also be stuffed with vegetables and cheeses as well.

How to make Paratha by our high quality machine?

ANKO's LP-3001 Automatic Layer &Stuffed Paratha Production line is specially designed for making paratha. The complex rolling, sheeting, wrapping, extruding, folding and forming mechanism allows the machine to create dough balls with as many as 32 layers in the flatbread. The dough can then be pressed and stuffed with curries or other fillings with attached encrusting machines. Or use ANKO's PP-2 Filming and Pressing Machine to flatten dough and stack up the flatbreads for packaging. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Paratha - Lacha Paratha & Green Scallion Pie Production Line

Lacha Paratha & Green Scallion Pie Production Line

Paratha machinery

How to keep gluten, elasticity, and layers as producing lacha paratha or Green Scallion Pie by machine? The ingenuity of LAP-2200 is capable of pressing dough into an extremely thin layer, nearly pervious to light, that shows the gluten and elasticity. The oily and thin characters are considered into the design of folding and rolling machine. ANKO persists focusing every details and making them perfect. ANKO wishes that the product quality and production efficiency shall be taken into account while helping the client increase productivity.

Paratha - Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line

Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line

Paratha machinery

LP-3001 is fully automatic to produce similar products such as paratha, pie and the like. Placing well-mixed dough and margarine into hoppers is the only thing to do. Then the fully automatic production processes include dough pressing, margarine extruding, the first folding and sheeting, the second folding and sheeting, rolling, cutting into balls, and pressing to form tasty products. When the production line equips a filling machine, LP-3001 can form various tastes of stuffed pastries, such as curry pastries, barbecued pork pastries, bean paste pastries, etc.

Paratha - Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine

Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine

Paratha machinery

Film products by upper and bottom sides. PP-2 will press products to required diameter and thickness, and then divide each products. After dividing, products will be stacked for packaging automatically. PP-2 is suitable for Lacha paratha, Paratha, Roti, Chinese pancake, etc.

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