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Mini Juicy Bun machine and equipment

Mini Juicy Bun Machinery

ANKO's HLT Series, with added-on EA-100KA Forming Machine are capable of producing leavened xiaolongbao. The special Forming Machine is able to form xiaolongbao with 6, 9 or 12 fold marks, which resembles more to handmade products. the patterned molds and/or generic shutters that can be applied to the machines to form uniformed products into customized shapes and are capable of sealing each of the leavened xiolongbao with 6 or 9 fold marks.

About Mini Juicy Bun

Modern Xiaolongbao is a very famous dim sum originated in Nanxiang, Shanghai, can be easily found wherever there is Chinese township. The earliest source of Xiaolongbao is said to be as “cave plum-flower bun” in Henan Province dated back to Sung Dynasty, and introduced to Jiangnan by the emperor at that time.
Xiaolongbao is traditional food in Genghis Khan's dynasty. Due to fighting from all four quarters, the Xiaolongbao was brought to Eastern Europe. It is called manti in Russia and Hinkaly in Central Asia. Then, it was spread to Southern Asia, India, Bhutan, Nepal,etc. and it is called momo. It's also popular in Korea called Mandu.
The size of Xiaolongbao is smaller than regular bun, its diameter is around 3~5cm. The filling is consisted of pork and jelly of chicken soup, boiled pigskin, or broth.
When wrapping, the wrapper has to be very thin, and the pleats are emphasized to be more than 14 folds with the shape of “seated as bell while clasped as lantern.” Steam in bamboo basket after wrapping, the semi-transparent Xiaolongbao will be full of juice and ready to serve.

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ANKO Mini Juicy Bun Food Machine List
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Mini Juicy Bun - Forming Machine

Forming Machine

Mini Juicy Bun machinery

High-efficient Forming Machine equips with an independent motor control system. The design enables EA-100KA to operate with HLT-700 series. to produce various products such as mini juicy bun, meat bun, beef roll, baozi and the like with or without pattern on top. Its maximum capacity is up to 6,000 pieces per hour.

Mini Juicy Bun - Double-Line Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine

Double-Line Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine

Mini Juicy Bun machinery

HLT-700DL Double Line Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine, one of the main models of ANKO, features stable filling system and two forming mold sets to increase production capacity to 60,000 pcs/hr, the number has doubled compared with the single-line machine, without compromising the product's appearance. The easy-change forming mold of HLT series offers companies increased flexibility and extensibility in production. Tens of products can be made in one machine such as dumpling, potsticker, samosa, har gow, pasta, etc. The HLT-700DL greatly increase production capacity, as well as decrease labor costs and food wastes, providing high quality products remaining artisanal characters.

Mini Juicy Bun - Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine

Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine

Mini Juicy Bun machinery

The new Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine - HLT-700U - is capable of mass-producing dumplings with handmade pleats, full filling, and an attractive shape.
In addition to the shaping mechanism, the filling extruding system is also upgraded to smoothly and stably extrude filling mixtures with less oil and even larger dices, for example, plant-based filling with a higher proportion of stems or loose cooked minced meat. HLT-700U can make 12,000 pieces of 25-gram dumplings per hour. Also, it only requires just 1.5 square meters installation area and is therefore suitable for small restaurants to large food factories.

Mini Juicy Bun - Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine

Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine

Mini Juicy Bun machinery

Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine has been approved by many clients. Just change the forming mold, HLT-700XL can produce various foods such as dumpling, fry dumpling, samosa, hargao, ravioli, etc. With HLT-700XL, any food maker can transform business to automatic production with no trouble. The Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine is helpful to increase productivity, uniform food specification as well as decrease labor cost and ingredient waste.

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