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Marzipan Machinery

ANKO's GD-18 Series Automatic Cutting and Rounding Machine suitable for making marzipan, as well as tapioca pearls, tang yuan(湯圓) and fish boilies (special type of fish bait), products made with different starches. It has the capacity of processing 25kg to 180kg of raw material, with the flexible product shapes from round, rectangle, to square and oval; sizes range from 8mm-20mm in diameter. It's suitable for individual restaurants, central kitchens, as well as food factories.

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About Marzipan

Marzipan is a confection consisting primarily of sugar or honey and almond flour, and sometimes with additional almond oil or extract. The actual history or origin of marzipan is untraceable, yet it's commonly used in festive cakes, sweets and desserts in Europe, and are also found in the Middle East as “lozina” (derived from the word “lawz” for almonds), as well as the Latin American cultures and Goa, India.

Marzipan is often made into small animal figures, fruits or covered with chocolate; otherwise it could be used as cake icing or as a cake ingredient to make stollen (German Xmas fruit cake).

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Marzipan - Automatic Cutting and Rounding Machine

Automatic Cutting and Rounding Machine

Marzipan machinery

Automatic Cutting and Rounding Machine is one of ANKO best-selling machines, being capable of making tang yuan, taro ball, sweet potato ball, tapioca pearl, etc. Product variety is one but not the only reason that GD-18B wins favor with buyers. How do the automatic tapioca pearl machine and boba pearl machine work? The...

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