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Langos Machinery

ANKO's SD-97 Series Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machines are ideal for making the various types of lángos, the machines are designed to work different types dough, including flour based, and mash potato or sour cream added recipes. The machines are capable of processing dough with various consistencies, viscosity and textures, as well as the ability to encrust fillings, divide and shaped into individual portions. Based on the specific machine model, ANKO's SD-97 Series can produce precooked lángos weighing from 15 g/pc up to 200 g/pc, with the capacity from 1,500 pcs/hr up to 4,800 pcs/hr.

And the PP-2 Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine are recommended for flattening the raw dough with plastic films into desired thickness, then the pre-cooked lángos can then be stacked up into piles, ready for packaging.

And the APB Pressing & Heating Machine has the quick heat-pressing function that helps to form uniformed lángos without overcooking the dough.

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About Langos

Lángos is a type of Hungarian deep-fried bread, the name comes from the Hungarian word “láng” meaning fire, and similar pasty in Turkey is called “lalanga”, which may attribute to its origin back to the Roman panis focacius, or known as the modern time “focaccia”. However, the basic ingredients to lángos include flour, milk, yeast and salt, but sour cream, yogurt and mashed potatoes may also be optional for different flavor and textures. After kneading and resting the dough, it's divided, flattened and deep-fried into donut-like golden breads, and can be enjoyed with cheeses, ham and other savory condiments, or with jam and sugar as a dessert.

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ANKO Langos Food Machine List
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Langos - Pressing and Heating Machine
APB Series

Pressing and Heating Machine

Langos machinery

ANKO's Pressing & Heating Machine forms flat dough with pressing and heating such as peking duck wrapper, pita bread, stuffed paratha, chapatti, and tortilla. According to individual needs, temperature, pressing time, and product thickness are adjustable. The machine is made of food grade materials, stainless steel, an...

Langos - Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Langos machinery

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine can produce many kinds of large-sized foods, up to 200 grams per piece, and 4,800 pieces per hour. The ease of changing shutter unit is a well design in making products with patterned or non-patterned. Moreover, large-sized foods with bean paste, meat, sesame paste or no stuffin...

Langos - Automatic Table-Type Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Table-Type Encrusting and Forming Machine

Langos machinery

Table Type Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine is a small size machine, stainless steel, for limited space. The shutter unit designed by ANKO not only enhances the stability of production process, but also varies products through the ease of changing shutter unit. Products with patterned or non-patterned; with bea...

Langos - Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Langos machinery

Automatic Encrusting And Forming Machine can make either patterned or non-patterned products with a simple change of shutters; it can make either two colors or solid color with a simply change of dough hoppers. Not only the products with red bean paste, meat stuffing, or sesame paste but also plain products are produci...

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