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Lacha Paratha Machine and Equipment

Lacha Paratha Machinery

ANKO's LAP-5000 Lacha Paratha Machine is professionally designed to produce lacha parathas; by adding the dough in the dough tank, the machine automatically folds in oil into the dough, and the patterned pulling and folding device is able to form multiple layers, which can produce final products that taste similar to handmade lacha paratha. And by attaching ANKO's PP-2 Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine, can form a continuous product line, suitable for mass production in large manufacturing facilities.

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About Lacha Paratha

Lacha paratha originates from India, its a type of unleavened flatbread similar to the Chinese green scallion pie; however, the dough is made with flour, water and contains ghee or cooking oil, after mixing, the dough is then stretched, rolled and flattened into a big round pie, then pan fried with oil. As it's cooking, the pie is pushed and pulled with the spatula to fluff up the layers; the final product should be golden brown in color, with multiple crisp and fluffy layers.

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Lacha Paratha - Lacha Paratha and Green Scallion Pie Production Line

Lacha Paratha and Green Scallion Pie Production Line

Lacha Paratha machinery

The crispy layers of lachha parathas or scallion pancakes are craved by people. ANKO's Lacha Paratha & Green Scallion Pie Production Line can produce the lachha parathas and scallion pancakes with extremely thin layers because it features a dough stretching device, which can stretch dough into a 0.8 mm sheet. By simply...

Lacha Paratha - Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine
PP-2 Series

Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine

Lacha Paratha machinery

Film products by upper and bottom sides. PP-2 will press products to required diameter and thickness, and then divide each products. After dividing, products will be stacked for packaging automatically. PP-2 is suitable for Lacha paratha, Paratha, Roti, Chinese pancake, etc.

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