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Krantz Machinery

Krantz is a type of sweet bread/pastry of Austrian origin; it’s made with a combination of both brioche and puff pastry dough, classically sweetened in between the layers with apricot jam, raisins, candied orange peels and alternatively chocolate chips. Krantz are often consumed in parts of European countries as breakfast, served with a cup of coffee, or as a sweet snack.

To make brioche dough and puff pastry requires similar ingredients, but completely different methods; based on the size of the company and how well it’s equipped, some may prefer to purchase frozen puff pastry and brioche dough, while bigger plants more often prefer to make everything from scratch.

How to make Krantz by our high quality machine?

ANKO's Customized Krantz Production line offers 3 different solutions that are recommended to individual restaurants, central kitchens and/or food factories to produce krantz; our technicians are capable of working with bakers and chefs to create the following production lines: BP is a complete production line that starts from mixing raw ingredients, capable of processing raw ingredients and dough weighing up to maximum 600 kg; the entire product line may be around 10 meters long (possibly longer) comprises of automatic mixing, kneading, pressing, proofing, flavor powder dusting, jam or spread extruding, rolling and cutting devices, to mass produce pre-cooked krantz. And it could also be attached with other equipment or devices for further packaging, freezing and/or baking. While MP production line is only around 5 -10 meters long, comprising all the dough prepping, as well as the rolling and cutting machines; it’s capable of processing dough weighing up to 360 kg. Finally, SP is the most compact line, which is capable of processing dough up to 180 kg, the main function is rolling and cutting final products, and the line is less than 6 meters.

Based on the size of the each bakery, restaurant, central kitchen or factory, the amount of staff employed, the company’s budget and the desired/estimated productivity, all three lines may be customized to order, and are flexible to be extended with the growth of market demand. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Krantz - Automatic Cinnamon Roll Production Line

Automatic Cinnamon Roll Production Line

Krantz machinery

Through the process of pressing -> sheeting -> misting -> dusting cinnamon power -> forming -> horizontal cutting -> rolling up -> extruding paste, it can produce cinnamon roll.

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