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Khakhra Machinery

ANKO's APB Pressing and Heating Machine is equipped with an instant heat-pressing function that is able to form uniformed flatbreads without overcooking the dough, suitable for manufacturing products like khakhra, chapati or roti for chain restaurants, supermarkets or frozen food brands. The machine is recommended for producing various other plain or stuffed flat breads and ethnic pastries.

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About Khakhra

Khakhra is an Indian thin cracker originated from the state of Gujarat, Western part of India; the main ingredients consist of mat bean, wheat flour, spices and oil; it's usually served during breakfast or enjoyed as a healthy snack with various different types of pickles and chutneys. Traditionally, khakhra is handmade and slowly roasted on cast iron, till it bubbles and crisp. And there are many varieties, from the plain salted khakhra to jeera (seasoned with cumin), black pepper, chilli garlic, paprika or even chocolate.

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Khakhra - Pressing and Heating Machine
APB Series

Pressing and Heating Machine

Khakhra machinery

ANKO's Pressing & Heating Machine forms flat dough with pressing and heating such as peking duck wrapper, pita bread, stuffed paratha, chapatti, and tortilla. According to individual needs, temperature, pressing time, and product thickness are adjustable. The machine is made of food grade materials, stainless steel, an...

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