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Icebox Cookie Machine and Equipment

Icebox Cookie Machinery

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About Icebox Cookie

Icebox cookies are cookies which are made from a dough which has been refrigerated or frozen, typically in a log shape. Although many people may associate these cookies with logs of frozen dough in supermarkets, there are a number of home icebox cookie recipes as well. The freezing or cooling makes the dough stiffer, and ideally suited to slicing into thin rounds for baking. There are numerous ways to make icebox cookies, and if you want unusually patterned cookies like pinwheels and checkerboard cookies, a refrigerated dough recipe is the way to go.

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ANKO Icebox Cookie Food Machine List
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Icebox Cookie - Dough Mixer
ML Series

Dough Mixer

Icebox Cookie machinery

Satisfying your wishes for stirring various types of dough quickly and evenly, ANKO's automatic spiral mixer and planetary mixer (ML-series) are highly recommended to save time and labor. The stainless steel bowl features two-way rotary action to knead, rub, pinch, mix, twist and roll dough like hand gestures. The mach...

Icebox Cookie - Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter

Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter

Icebox Cookie machinery

Optional equipment, fliter the flour much pure.

Icebox Cookie - Icebox Cookies Extruder

Icebox Cookies Extruder

Icebox Cookie machinery

How to produce icebox cookies quickly? To make slices of icebox cookies, the dough should be shaped and refrigerated until firm before slicing it into a perfect shape. For mass-producing, it consumes time and energy to shape every dough by hand. Now, by putting cookie dough into the dough hopper, the machine can extrud...

Icebox Cookie - Icebox Cookies Slicer

Icebox Cookies Slicer

Icebox Cookie machinery

Slice frozen cookie dough bar without damaging a knife! Cookie dough often mixes in some dried fruits (e.g. raisin, dried cranberry) or nuts (e.g. hazelnuts, macadamias nuts) for extra texture and flavor. No matter which mix-ins is added, the Icebox Cookies Slicer can slice frozen cookie dough bar with smooth surfaces.

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