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Fish Ball machine and equipment

Fish Ball Machinery

Fish balls and dishes made with fish balls are common in the South East Asian countries, not only it's a delicious way to preserve fish, but also helps create new textures and tastes for cooking. Fish balls are generally made with fresh fish meat, sometimes with added starch as a bulking agent into a paste, then the seasoned and/or stuffed with minced pork, finally formed into little balls and cooked in boiling water. Yet, similar fish balls are added with cream in the Nordic Countries, in order to create a more silky texture.

Freshly made fish balls are often found in the seafood markets and specialty stores, however, many frozen and canned packed fish balls are also available.

How to make Fish Ball by our high quality machine?

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Fish Ball - Automatic Meat Ball And Fish Ball Production Plant

Automatic Meat Ball And Fish Ball Production Plant

Fish Ball machinery

If you would like to produce beef ball, pork ball, fish ball, squid ball, etc., we highly recommend you Automatic Meat Ball And Fish Ball Production Plant that not only reduces labor costs, but also improves efficiency because of its stable and high productivity. Just pour meat or fish paste into a hopper, FMB-60 can hourly produce 12,000-24,000 pieces with chewy texture and uniform appearance.

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