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Cupcake Machinery

Cupcake, or also known as fairy cake is a small piece of cake baked in a specially formed pastry paper or aluminum cup, often topped with a layer of glamorous and fancy icing or décor. Cupcakes may have been invented in the USA in the late 18th century; smaller cakes were baked in ramekins or literally cups before the muffin tins were invented. The main ingredient for making the basic cupcake usually comprises of butter, flour, eggs, sugar, leaven agents and different flavors could also be added, whereas the icings, toppings and condiments may be a limitless range of goodies.

Recently, cupcakes have become a fad, trend and phenomenon in the United States and many other countries, it had become the highlights of many birthday parties, weddings, numerous other social gatherings and festive events, which also gave many talented bakers a chance to show case their creativity, techniques and finesse.

How to make Cup Cake by our high quality machine?

ANKO's CD-510 Cake Depositor is cleverly designed for bakeries, supermarkets and central kitchens, for producing large amounts of quality cupcakes. It’s equipped with a 35 L hopper, distributing batter from 5 cc up to 2,000 cc and has the maximum capacity of 4,000 pcs/hr. And the deposing nozzles could be chosen from a singular outlet, up to 8 nozzles to match the baking sheets, and can be easily changed when different baking containers are used. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Cupcake - Cake Depositor

Cake Depositor

Cupcake machinery

PLC control program memory function. Depositing nozzle could be changed.

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