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Croissant Donut machine and equipment

Croissant Donut Machinery

Croissant donut or known as “cronut”, was a new dessert and trend recently invented by pastry chef Dominique Ansel in New York. This new dessert is a an invention of a croissant-like dough made into a donut, that is flaky and yet could be filled with custard or cream, glazed with icing or topped with sweet garnish or simply sugared. Cronut came out in Mother’s Day in 2013 and struck the pastry world with big sales number, it was then copied and sold in many other cities, and it was named by Time magazine as one of the “25 best inventions” of 2013.

How to make Croissant Donut by our high quality machine?

ANKO's Customized Croissant Donut Production line has 3 different solutions that are recommended to individual bakeries, restaurants, central kitchens and/or food factories to produce croissant donuts; our technicians are capable of working with bakers and chefs to create the following production lines: BP is the complete production line that starts from mixing raw ingredients, it’s capable of processing raw ingredients and dough weighing up to 600 kg maximum; the entire product line may be around 10 meters long (possibly longer) comprises of automatic mixing, kneading, pressing, folding and layering, cutting and forming devices, to mass produce individual pre-cooked croissant donuts. And it’s designed to be able to be attached with other equipment or devices for further packaging, freezing and/or deep-frying. MP is around 5 -10meters long, comprising all the dough prepping, as well as the cutting and forming machines; it’s capable of processing dough weighing up to 360 kg. Finally, SP is the most compact line, which is able to process dough weighing up to 180 kg, the main function is to cut and form final products, and the line is less than 6 meters.

Based on the size of the each bakery, restaurant, central kitchen or factory, the amount of staff employed, the company’s budget and the desired/estimated productivity, all three lines may be customized to order, and are flexible to be extended with the growth of market demand. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Croissant Donut - Dough Sheeter

Dough Sheeter

Croissant Donut machinery

ANKO's dough sheeter can store 20 groups of memory and 24 settings in each group. For different kinds of dough, thickness, dusting volume, and conveyor speed are adjustable as required. The conveyor with servo motor features controllable speed depending on dough characteristics. The dough pressed by DS-650 retains the extensibility for the sequential production of flaky scallion pancake, layered pastry, paratha, puff pastry, cronut, etc., with crispy layers.

Croissant Donut - Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line

Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line

Croissant Donut machinery

LP-3001 is fully automatic to produce similar products such as paratha, pie and the like. Placing well-mixed dough and margarine into hoppers is the only thing to do. Then the fully automatic production processes include dough pressing, margarine extruding, the first folding and sheeting, the second folding and sheeting, rolling, cutting into balls, and pressing to form tasty products. When the production line equips a filling machine, LP-3001 can form various tastes of stuffed pastries, such as curry pastries, barbecued pork pastries, bean paste pastries, etc.

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