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Chocolate Filled Croissant Donut machine and equipment

Chocolate Filled Croissant Donut Machinery

In Japan, there's one kind of bread called "Chocolate Angel Ring", and its huge popularity forced the company, Heart Bread ANTIQUE, to seek bakery equipment solutions to replace their original ones. In the end, Heart Bread ANTIQUE withdrew their previous bakery equipment procurement from the Japanese company and ordered all new bakery equipment that were customized by ANKO.

How to make Chocolate Filled Croissant Donut by our high quality machine?

Now, ANKO's Angel Ring bakery equipment is installed at malls and department stores with successful business, and ANKO's relentless design of solid bakery production equipment for clients paid off.

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Chocolate Filled Croissant Donut - Chocolate Filled Croissant Donut Production Line

Chocolate Filled Croissant Donut Production Line

Chocolate Filled Croissant Donut machinery

ANKO’s SB-8236 is recommended to produce chocolate filled croissant donut. By putting a puff pastry dough belt, the machine can automatically sheet dough belt, sprinkle chocolate, then divide, roll, and cut into proper length. The rolls can be simply formed into a ring by hand and ready for baking.

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