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Cha Siu Bao machine and equipment

Cha Siu Bao Machinery

ANKO's automatic encrusting and filling machines, SD-97 Series. The machine is a product of many research and design modifications, made into one of the best encrusting and filling machines on the market. The design can allow fillings to range from bean pastes, peanut powder, minced meats, sesame paste or nuts, and the final products can remain the same constant quality, without damaging the texture and the outward appearance. A commercial steamer is recommended for making cha siu bao (Barbecue Bun).

ANKO has been constantly researching and designing new shutter, in order to facilitate new product lines by changing shutter. And we will continue to create new and custom made machine models, to service and satisfy our clients' demands.

About Cha Siu Bao

Cha siu bao (Barbecue Bun), is a popular Cantonese delicacy, made with small pieces of scrumptious Cantonese barbecue pork, seasoned with oyster sauce, sugar and each maker's secrete ingredients, then wrapped in a leavened dough and steamed. The perfect Cha siu bao should have a birdcage like shape with an opening from the tiny rupture of the ingredients on top.

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ANKO Cha Siu Bao Food Machine List
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Cha Siu Bao - Gas Steamer
AS Series

Gas Steamer

Cha Siu Bao machinery

The high quality and stainless steel Gas Steamer features rapid rise in heat and a large amount of steam. Through time controllers, steam evenly spreads over the entire cabinet. Heat up to the boiling point in only three minutes. Also, there is an auto water refilling device to save energy.

Cha Siu Bao - Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Cha Siu Bao machinery

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine can produce many kinds of large-sized foods, up to 200 grams per piece, and 4,800 pieces per hour. The ease of changing shutter unit is a well design in making products with patterned or non-patterned. Moreover, large-sized foods with bean paste, meat, sesame paste or no stuffing are producible. Dozens of ethnic foods such as meat bun, steamed bun, mammoul, kibbe, pan fried stuffed bun, stollen, crystal dumpling made by SD-97L can compare with handmade ones.

Cha Siu Bao - Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Cha Siu Bao machinery

Automatic Encrusting And Forming Machine can make either patterned or non-patterned products with a simple change of shutters; it can make either two colors or solid color with a simply change of dough hoppers. Not only the products with red bean paste, meat stuffing, or sesame paste but also plain products are producible. In conclusion, SD-97W can make dozens of ethnic foods such as meat bun, steamed bun, mammoul, meat pie, pan fried stuffed bun, mochi, crystal dumpling. Their look and taste are able to compare with handmade ones.

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