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Burekas Machinery

Burekas may have been invented during Ottoman Empire or could even date back to the Ancient Roman time. However, nowadays burekas are considered as one of the most popular savory-stuffed puff pastries in Israel, usually served on special occasions, and often found as street food or in markets. Common fillings include cheeses, mashed potato, smoked eggplants or minced meats, stuffed in phyllo or puff pastry then baked into light and fluffy treats.

How to make Burekas by our high quality machine?

ANKO's DS-650 Dough Sheeter, PMM-500 Semi-Automatic Puff Pastry Machine and the LP-3001 Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line, are the model types recommended for producing stuffed puff pastry products, such as burekas. LP-3001 is remarkable for producing puff pastry dough, with up to 32 folds and delicate texture that resemble hand-made products.

These machines are also recommended for different size factories or production lines. Products may vary from turnovers, Danishes and pies. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Burekas - Customized Puff Pastry Production Line

Customized Puff Pastry Production Line

Burekas machinery

ANKO's customized production line comes in different specifications, suitable for different types of food businesses. Even the complicated production of puff pastry can be automated!Customized Puff Pastry Production Line is exactly tailored to produce food with multiple processes, capable of processing dough weighing up to 600 kg per hour. For meeting different levels of automation, processing equipment such as cutter, wrapping device, fryer, etc. is optional to save labor costs and food. Moreover, we have years' experience in turnkey planning to assist customers build new production lines from the beginning, including ingredient processing, food producing, cooking and packaging devices, based on expected capacity and available space. Double or triple production lines are also provided for enhancing capacity and efficiency.

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