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Bagel is a bread product of Polish origin. Traditionally it's made from yeasted dough, first made into a ring shape, and then baked after a quick bath in boiling water. Bagels are often topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds or salt sprinkles, some are made with whole wheat or rye. In the 17th Century, bagels were already a staple in Polish and the Slavic diet, and not until the 20th Century when Jewish immigrants brought it to the U.S.A, bagels then became very popular in Northern America, and soon it became a global phenomenon, hence it was the birth of industrial bagel machines.

ANKO's Bagel machines are designed based on the traditional handmade techniques, in order to mass-produce bagels that look and taste like hand crafted bagels. The process starts by dividing the dough in to small pieces, then made into ring shapes, this makes to finished product more chewy. Soon, then rings are passed through a fryer conveyer belt to be quickly boiled in a sugar water solution, finally, it's baked into great tasting bagels.

Using ANKO's BG3000 semi-automatic bagel machines, can significantly increase the productivity of bagels, but also can make bagels that are similar to the traditional hand-made bagels. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

How to make Bagel by our high quality machine?

ANKO's SD-Series Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machines are suitable for producing arancini, the machines work well with rice as well as various starches and fillings, and are capable of manufacturing an array of different stuffed ethnic food products such as cookies and meat buns. Based on the expected productivity, space and specific requirements for your product line, ANKO offers the SD-97SS Table Type Model, which is compact in size, suitable for restaurants or a smaller production. The SD-97W model is slightly larger in size, but has the capacity of producing up to 4,200 pcs/hr, it's also engineered with 5 programmable memories and can work with both dry and wet fillings. And the SD-97L Model is specially designed with a larger product size range, which can produce final products ranging from 40 g to 200 g/pc, it has the maximum capacity of 4,800pcs/hr. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Bagel - Semi-Automatic Bagel Production Line

Semi-Automatic Bagel Production Line

Bagel machinery

Put the well divided dough into the hopper, the bagel will be formed automatically.

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